Antonius Otto
Professor of Physics


Space plasma theory and simulation. Activities address the linear and nonlinear dynamics of macroscopic current carrying plasma systems with applications in the fields of solar wind-magnetosphere interaction, magnetotail dynamics, and the formation and evolution of discrete auroral structures. Current work addresses the three-dimensional evolution of the plasma and the magnetic flux transport at the magnetospheric boundary, the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, and the formation of current filaments and thin discrete auroral arc structures.

Research results and overviews are presented in the pages listed on the right. Magnetic reconnection and Kelvin Helmholtz modes are central processes at the magnetospheric boundary and couple the magnetosphere to the solar wind. Magnetotail dynamics plays a major role for magnetic substorms and the associated auroral activity. Processes associated with the interaction between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere (upper atmosphere) are discussed in magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling.

Conference Organization:

2007 Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection
2009 Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection
2010 Plasma Entry and Transport in the Magnetosphere

Magnetic Reconnection:

  • Basics (2D)
  • Asymmetries (2D)
  • Flux transfer signatures (2D)
  • Hall MHD (2D)
  • Basics in 3D
  • Flux transfer (3D)


  • Basics properties
  • Observation and simulation
  • KH modes and reconnection
  • KH instability in 3D
  • GEM '07 presentation
Magnetotail :

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling:

  • Formation of field-aligned current sheets
  • Current sheet dynamics
  • Magnetosphere ionosphere simulation
  • Io - Jupiter interaction

Graduate Students:

Tapas Bhattacharya
Min-Shiu Hsieh
Richard J. Stevens

Eric Adamson
Quinxue Chen (Ph.D.),
Vincent Dols (M.S.),
Fred Hall IV
Xuanye Ma
Katariina Nykyri (Ph.D.),
Lin Zhang (Ph.D.),
Hua Zhu (Ph.D.)




Physics Department
Space Physics Group at the GI
Geophysical Institute

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