So what is this deal about "doctoral hats?"

   Well, one evening at the Pumphouse Antonius, Isabelle, and I were talking about the German tradition of a "doctoral hat." Apparently, a doctoral hat is a hat made--all in good fun, and with no small amount of humor--that has a top that has something to do with one's thesis work.  Here are some pictures of some German doctoral hats: (A close look at one of these. . . .  :) )

   We thought that this was an absolutely splendid idea; so, on 28 March 2003, we presented Fernanda São Sabbas (recently Dr. Fernanda) with UAF's very first doctoral hat.  :)

   Dr. Fernanda.

   On 28 May 2004, we presented Matthew Paul Krynicki (recently Dr. Krynicki) with UAF's second doctoral hat.

   Dr. Krynicki.

   On 11 August 2004, we presented Ryan Woodard (recently Dr. Woodard) with UAF's third doctoral hat.

   Dr. Woodard.

   On March 2nd, 2005, we presented North Larsen (recently Dr. Larsen) with UAF's fourth doctoral hat.

   Dr. Larsen.

   On 18 August 2006, we presented Nobuhiro Suzuki (recently Dr. Suzuki) with UAF's fifth doctoral hat.

   Dr. Suzuki.

   On 24 August 2007, we presented Erica Rodgers (recently Dr. Rodgers) with UAF's sixth (and possibly final) doctoral hat.

   Dr. Rodgers.

   On 27 June 2008, we presented "Danny" (recently Dr. Dong-Chang Lee) with UAF's seventh doctoral hat.

   Dr. Lee.