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Here you'll find more information about what I'm doing on my Ph.D. as well as some personal information.



Antonio Paes in a glance...

Originally I'm from Brazil, where I got my Bachelor Degree in Physics at UFSCar and my Post Graduation in Computer Science at Unicamp.

Since september of 2001 I'm living in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. I first came here to work as ASF, one of the NASA DAACS
hosted inside the Geophisical Institute. There I'm still working as Software Development/Sustaining Engineer.

Later, trying to grow more neurons I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Space Physics and since August/2002 I'm formal student of the UAF's Physics Department.

So here I'm living with my wife between snow, bears, wolverines, mooses, caribous and temperatures between -40C and 30C... quite a change from what I was used to in Brazil.




Last Update: July 25, 2003